Re: [xml] Failure Index Query in RegxpExec

On Fri, Aug 24, 2007 at 08:55:16PM +0530, ashwin sinha wrote:
   On 8/24/07, Daniel Veillard <[1]veillard redhat com> wrote:
             You  are  on  the button, I mean I know i still have lots to
   learn,  especially  with  respect to the  regular expression code. The
   thing  is  I  have to deal with a requirement wherein I need to return
   the  index  in  case  of  a  partial match. So I was trying to use the
   exec->index  variable  to get the failure index, however no matter how
   much i tried there was always some case which i did not consider, so I
   thought  of  having  a  second opinion on whether it could actually be
   done or not......

  unfortunately no, we could at best provide a suggested one but that's all
Take for example
with an input of
 on one side of the branch you would consider the 0 to be the first character
in error on the other side of the branch the 2 . You can't guess which one
the user made an error with. I think your requirement makes no sense, unless
I misunderstood it.
  Point is xmlregexp was designed for validating XMLSchemas datatypes, so it
is built to give a yes/no answer, it was not designed to build general
regexp services.


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