[xml] [libxml2] RUNTEST.c

Title: [libxml2] RUNTEST.c

I toke libxml2 sources from http://svn.gnome.org/svn/libxml2/trunk own to Windows 2000 VS 6.0 compiled it within the IDE of VS 6.0

libxml2.dll / .lib first, then all remaining diagnostic programs and utilities. Then I am doing the regression testing and run into some


I porting & testing RUNTEST.c regression on an OpenVMS and do testing as well on Windows 2000

The regression error is with Windows 2000 and OpenVMS with RUNTEST.c

has the following content

<ROOT attr="XY"/>

RUNTEST.c   parses the file and then dump it's doc into ./attr4.xml_res

this as

"<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ROOT attr="XY"/>
in fact my current libxml2 code has an additional xml header showing the version of xml

RUNTEST.c then comparsn attr4.xml_res against
and fails because the ./result/errors/attr4.xml has 0 bytes, the result file does not compare the dumped content

My Question:
what is the correct behaviour for

 * xmlDocContentDumpOutput:
 * @cur:  the document
 * Dump an XML document.

a)      0 bytes in the dump and the attr4.xml_res file or
b)      a dump as shown, including the <?xml version="1.0"?>

can somoeone more known to the subject place the correct result file or the libxml2 fix preventing this type of a dump?


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