Re: [xml] Compiling under WinCE

Hi Alex

I am new to libxml2 and need to create a target for WinCE 5.0 (and flavor of
our SDK).  So, I am trying to compile the project by using embedded VC++ 4.0.
Since I can't use any ready-made makefiles, I tried to adapt the existing
makefile targets and options.  I was able to compile the library (removing
the iconv, and ftp/http modules).  However, I get a bunch of warnings of the
following variety:

I too wasn't able to use the make files (created with bakefile), so I created
a new eVC4 project. iconv, ftp and http didn't work for me too.

xmlschemas.obj : warning LNK4197: export 'xmlRealloc' specified multiple
times; using first specification

While most warnings can simply ignored this one should be looked closer.
This looks like two lines declaring something like

void* __dllexport xmlRealloc()

Maybe one header is not protected from multiple inclusion? (Hmm is there
an option for eVC compiler to show the preprocessed code?)

I can't see how this can be included more then once.  Is there any other
flag(s) that I am missing somewhere?

I don't know of any yet.

Cheers, Andy

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