Re: [xml] using xmlSetExternalEntityLoader to return internally generated XML documents

Looking at the source, it seems that I have to serialise my xml document so that libxml can parse it again, is that right, seems like a bit of a waste of time, though I guess for some situations at least (xinclude) if xmlSetExternalEntityLoader could accept an xmlDoc, the xmlDoc would have to be copied so maybe it is not that much more overhead.

On 01/08/2007, at 03:06 , Rush Manbert wrote:

I have a lot of XML documents that are generated using the tree API  or the XSLT API and I want to be able to refer to them in other XML  document within LIBXML2 through URL's (xincludes, xslt imports,  includes, document(), etc.). Looking at the documentation  xmlSetExternalEntityLoader is what I want but I am not sure what I am  supposed to do next. I guess I am supposed to create a  xmlParserInputPtr but how do I create one for an XML document, is  that what xmlNewEntityInputStream is for, in which case how do I  create a xmlEntity.

The xsltproc utility does this, so get its source and see what it does. I actually hacked its init code to use in my app, and hacked the entity loader to call my own code.

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