Re: [xml] Read&Write Files with unicode/UTF-16 names (on Windows) (was: RE: Read tree from FILE* ?)

Trappel Martin wrote:
Still, allow me to phrase two questions:
* Is there an opposite to xmlReadIO, something like xmlWriteIO ?
maybe xmlSaveToIO
* Is anyone using the xmlRegisterInputCallbacks(..) to open files with wide
character names? (It seems to me this would require some additional
wrapping, since the callback functions get char* for the file URL. So I'd
first had to encode the wchar_t filename to utf8 and the, in the callback,
decode it again.)
You should encode the filenames to UTF-8 before passing them. Unless you
have any other requirements, you shouldn't need custom I/O handlers. As
of 2.6.24, under windows, the io handlers will first attempt to convert
the path from utf-8 to wide chars and use the _wxxxx functions to stat
and open. If you need to support prior versions, you can always use the
code within xmlIO.c to write your own handlers.


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