[xml] xmlSaveToFilename with UTF-8 encoding


For a current project I'm using your libxml/libxslt libraries which are really great.

But I have a problem with the following procedure:

-- parse an xml file with xmlParseFile()
-- parse an xsl stylesheet with xsltParseStylesheetFile()
-- create a transformation context with xsltNewTransformContext()
-- apply the stylesheet to the xml doc with xsltApplyStylesheetUser()

-- and finally save the transformation result with xmlSaveFileEnc()

The problem is that the final file is not encoded as UTF-8 as defined in the API call but instead it ends up 
with simple ANSI encoding. When calling xmlSaveFileEnc() I pass in "UTF-8" as the paramter but without any 
The same goes for if I use xmlSaveToFilename() where the encoding can also be defined -- but again the final 
file is ANSI.

Any tips on how to make sure the file is saved as UTF-8?

Thanks in advance,
best wishes,

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