Re: [xml] Interfacing with libxml2

On Thu, Sep 28, 2006 at 10:07:30PM +0200, Joachim Zobel wrote:

I am currently working on an apache module (mod_expat,, that turns xml into a
stream of sax buckets (a double linked list of SAX events more or less)
that can be processed by apache filter modules. 

libxml2 does however have lots of nice stuff (e.g. streamable xpath
subset), that I would like to use. This would mean that I have to hand
my sax buckets back to libxml2 after intermediate filters have processed
them. Is there a way to do that? Can this be done with customized IO?

  look at the entry points in SAX2.c
but I don't think anyone ever tried to plug libxml2 on top of expat
and it may require some debugging


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