Re: [xml] Question about xmlCleanupParser()

Unai Astorquiza wrote:

I'm having a crash when I call xmlCleanupParser() and I've some doubts about the use of this function.

I'm developing a library that loads and uses libxml, and I call xmlCleanupParser in the destructor/DllMain 
of the library, when I'm finished using it.

The question is: if someone uses my library and also uses libxml by his own in a process, my call to 
xmlCleanupParser would affect the other instance of libxml?

It all depends on how you link libxml2.

If you link dynamically, this may cause problems if the client code
links dynamically with a more recent (or older) libxml2, and your
call to xmlCleanupParser could affect your client code.

If you link statically, there is no problem - all calls are resolved
when building your DLL, so there should be no unexpected interaction
with client code.

To me, this makes static linkage seem like the best approach for using
libxml in a DLL.

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