Re: [xml] libxml2 on zos.

On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 09:06:06AM -0700, Wendell Nichols wrote:
I see that the configure scripts are set up to recognize zos as a
platform for this library.  I've compiled it on zos 1.4 but it doesn't
seem to be functional there.  Because the parser.c file has embedded
literals for things like '<' and '>' and the source has been compiled on
an ebcdic machine it fails to parse a utf8 document. 
The only way I can think of to deal with this is to turn conversion of
literals off in the compilation ... to see what happens.  I'll try that
today, but in the meantime I'm curious if anyone out there is using this
library on zos?
Your feed back would be appreciated.

  My recollection is that a similar problem was raised once
when compiling on MVS and the solution turned out to update the
compiler to get a compiler flag support. But it was a few
years ago and I don't remember the exact details.


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