Re: [xml] libxml2.xmlIO.awn.1.patch

Tim Van Holder <tim vanholder anubex com> wrote:
>>> * xmlIO.c [HAVE_STAT && HAVE__STAT]:
>>> Fix the compilation breakage: macro that redefines of the 'stat'
>>> as '_stat' is removed (was introduced in the r1.172).
>> Removing this macro results in occurrence of warnings about
>> types incompatibility in _wstat() call on Windows.
>> Changes in this patch (for xmlIO.c rev. 1.172):
>> 1. Replacement of 'stat' on '_stat' only on Windows
>> 2. C style comments are used
> [...]
> I'm pretty sure DJGPP has stat under its normal name.  Also, the test
> you write tests for "DJGPP unless it's cygwin", but DJGPP is DOS-based
> and has nothing to do with Cygwin, so that makes no sense.
Sorry, I have no opportunity to test library with DJGPP.
If you can, make your patch and test it please.

> In fact, if this is an issue only for Visual C++, and
> not for Borland or the other Windows C compilers it may make even more
> sense to test for that instead
Patched library was compiled with MSVC 5.0, MSVC 7.1,
Mingw (gcc 3.4.2), Borland C++ 5.5.

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