Re: [xml] adding transformContexts to Python

Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> writes:

  Doesn't look crazy to me :-) Tell me if you want this to be applied
  as is or if you prefer doing a bit more testing,

Don't add it - it doesn't work.

I did some test code and it seems that, even though the patch
correctly calls xsltApplyStylesheetUser with the correct
transformContext, an extension function examining the transformContext
via it's xpathContext actually sees a different object.

Not sure why that is yet - clearly something is fubar.

I'm stuck doing the other patch (the one for document handling) which
is really important to me but once I've done it I'll come back to this
one which is somewhat important to me.


Nic Ferrier   for all your tapsell ferrier needs

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