[xml] Release of libxml2-2.6.27

  Yup it's finally out, available from 

it contains a huge list of fixes as various level, I wonder if there is 
a single module unaffected, probably not. That's probably the release with
the most identified bug fixes ever. Now for the bad part, I could not 
process every existing bug reports, I tried to focuse on the ones which
were either easy to fix (e.g. with correct patches), or had a large impact.
So you may have reported bug which are not fixed even if reproductible,
sorry, maybe next time I can free up a few days, and providing a patch or a
smaller test case can definitely help...

* Portability fixes:
 - file names on windows (Roland Schwingel, Emelyanov Alexey)
 - windows compile fixup (Rob Richards)
 - AIX iconv() is apparently case sensitive
* improvements:
 - Python XPath types mapping (Nic Ferrier)
 - XPath optimization (Kasimier)
 - add xmlXPathCompiledEvalToBoolean (Kasimier)
 - Python node equality and comparison (Andreas Pakulat)
 - xmlXPathCollectAndTest improvememt (Kasimier)
 - expose if library was compiled with zlib support (Andrew Nosenko)
 - cache for xmlSchemaIDCMatcher structs (Kasimier)
 - xmlTextConcat should work with comments and PIs (Rob Richards)
 - export htmlNewParserCtxt needed by Michael Day
 - refactoring of catalog entity loaders (Michael Day)
 - add XPointer support to python bindings (Ross Reedstrom
 - Brian West and Stefan Anca)
 - try to sort out most file path to URI conversions and xmlPathToUri
 - add --html --memory case to xmllint
* building fix:
 - fix --with-minimum (Felipe Contreras)
 - VMS fix
 - const'ification of HTML parser structures (Matthias Clasen)
 - portability fix (Emelyanov Alexey)
 - wget autodetection (Peter Breitenlohner)
 - remove the build path recorded in the python shared module
 - separate library flags for shared and static builds (Mikhail Zabaluev)
 - fix --with-minimum --with-sax1 builds
 - fix --with-minimum --with-schemas builds
* bug fix:
 - xmlGetNodePath fix (Kasimier)
 - xmlDOMWrapAdoptNode and attribute (Kasimier)
 - crash when using the recover mode
 - xmlXPathEvalExpr problem (Kasimier)
 - xmlXPathCompExprAdd bug (Kasimier)
 - missing destry in xmlFreeRMutex (Andrew Nosenko)
 - XML Schemas fixes (Kasimier)
 - warning on entities processing
 - XHTML script and style serialization (Kasimier)
 - python generator for long types
 - bug in xmlSchemaClearValidCtxt (Bertrand Fritsch)
 - xmlSchemaXPathEvaluate allocation bug (Marton Illes)
 - error message end of line (Rob Richards)
 - fix attribute serialization in writer (Rob Richards)
 - PHP4 DTD validation crasher
 - parser safety patch (Ben Darnell)
 - _private context propagation when parsing entities (with Michael Day)
 - fix entities behaviour when using SAX
 - URI to file path fix (Mikhail Zabaluev)
 - disapearing validity context
 - arg error in SAX callback (Mike Hommey)
 - fix mixed-content autodetect when using --noblanks
 - fix xmlIOParseDTD error handling
 - fix bug in xmlSplitQName on special Names
 - fix Relax-NG element content validation bug
 - fix xmlReconciliateNs bug
 - fix potential attribute XML parsing bug
 - fix line/column accounting in XML parser
 - chunking bug in the HTML parser on script
 - try to detect obviously buggy HTML meta encoding indications
 - bugs with encoding BOM and xmlSaveDoc
 - HTML entities in attributes parsing
 - HTML minimized attribute values
 - htmlReadDoc and htmlReadIO were broken
 - error handling bug in xmlXPathEvalExpression (Olaf Walkowiak)
 - fix a problem in htmlCtxtUseOptions
 - xmlNewInputFromFile could leak (Marius Konitzer)
 - bug on misformed SSD regexps (Christopher Boumenot)
* documentation:
 - warning about XML_PARSE_COMPACT (Kasimier Buchcik)
 - fix xmlXPathCastToString documentation
 - improve man pages for xmllitn and xmlcatalog (Daniel Leidert)
 - fixed comments of a few functions

  Thanks to everybody who helped out, the list of contributors for this
release is just massive ! Special thanks and thoughts to Kasimier, I
hope he got a job and will be able to join back sometime !


Red Hat Virtualization group http://redhat.com/virtualization/
Daniel Veillard      | virtualization library  http://libvirt.org/
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit  http://xmlsoft.org/
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