Re: [xml] schema validation

I just filed Bug #362989 for this, with the schema file as attachment.

I didn't know I could attach a file after pressing "file bug", so I
cut/pasted the schema file in comments too. Please ignore it.

The schema file is the trim-down version (after my a few days try), I
couldn't trim it any more because the problem disappears if I cut the
file size more.

Please let me know if you need any other info.

Yong Chen

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On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 07:19:28PM -0700, Yong Chen (yongche) wrote:
Hi Daniel,

Sorry to hear that Kasimier lost his job. Hopefully he will 
get a good 
one soon.

As for the infinite loop, it happens in both 2.6.22 and 
2.6.26. And it 
happens in function xmlFAReduceEpsilonTransitions (in xmlregexp.c), 
this func calls itself recursively. I noticed it's actually you (not
Kasimier) who wrote this file, so I wonder if you can help.

  Okay, I will look.

I did try to file a bug via bugzilla, but it has a restraint of not 
exceeding 64K in comments, but my schema file is 160k.

Try to shorten the schemas to the part which actually raises 
the problem.

Have you read the XML Schemas specification ? Do you 
understand how confusing and ambiguous it is ? If not, please 
read it. I'm serious about this ! Not a book about XSD use 
case or the doc of the XSD generator you may have used, look 
at the spec, i.e. what is supposed to guide implementors, you 
will understand why I'm not thrilled to debug 160 KBytes of this !
When you see experts debating on the meaning of 10 lines 
schemas and unable to state what is the right behaviour, 
using 160KB of those for the kind of core infrastructures 
your company is building is purely scary in my opinion.

Shorten the XSD to the smallest input reproducing the 
problem. I have little time, if it looks like I will need an 
hour just to sort out what is actually triggering the problem 
there is very little chance I will go after it.
It's not because I have the knowledge of the internals that 
you should not do your part by trying to reduce to a minimal 
example reproducing the problem.

I'll send you the schema file and the code to reproduce it, 
if you are 
interested in it.

 Shorten the inputs, and don't paste data in bugzilla 
comments but as bugzilla attachments to the bug !



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