Re: [xml] xmlReadFile question...

Perhaps you could use the newest one on your system anyway:

When you run ./configure, give it the option to change the install
location so that it installs into a location inside your personal
directory tree (where you presumably do have permission to write).

If you need to run the binaries on other machines, you could statically
link libxml by using:

        -Wl,-Bstatic -L/path/to/the/installed/xml/libraries -lxml2

When you do the link for your program, so that you wouldn't need to
install libxml2 on the other systems where your program may run.

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On 10/10/06, Ricky Marek <ricky marek conexant com> wrote:

My code uses the xmlReadFile function. (using version 2.6.26) for
reading a configuration, which works fine for WindowsXP.

Now, I need to port the code to run under Linux, where the library
version is 2.5.10, a version that does not contain the xmlReadFile
function. :(

I can't install the new version due to some privileges issue
therefore I
need to downgrade my code to use the 2.5.10 version.

Any hint on how can I replace the usage of xmlReadFile in my code?

May be xmlParseFile() will help if it exists in the 2.5.x...
But you will have less control over processing -- there no 'options'
and 'encoding' parameters.

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