Re: [xml] libxml2 XML Schema validation limitation


Allison Bloodworth wrote:
We are using libxml2 in our PHP 5 application to do validation of an
imported XML document against an XML schema. I am finding that when I use
one XML Schema document which redefines some elements in a second XML Schema
document, validation always fails.

E.g. UCBEvents.xsd redefines elements in Events_1.9.xsd:

        <xs:redefine schemaLocation="Events_1.9.xsd">

Does anyone know what the limitations of libxml2 are in terms of XML Schema
validation? Is it unable to handle redefines?

While I know nothing much about the implementation or the error you report, you should check this same validation with the latest release of libxml2 if you haven't already. Various bugs in validation have been checked in newer versions, and the versions of libxml2 that ship with common linux distributions may not yet be up to date.



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