Re: [xml] xmlNewInputFromFile URI problems on Win32

On 06.11.2006 09:54, Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Sun, Nov 05, 2006 at 06:57:47PM +0100, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
The attached patch removes the problem described above.

  okay, thanks :-)

Still I don't really understand the whole wizardry which handles URIs, filesystem paths and conversions between the two. What is xmlCanonicPath actually meant to return?

  something you can build a composed path/URL from, for example if the document
wants to load the relative URI 'dtds/my.dtd' ...

Then it is okay the way it is, I guess. Relative paths are less troublesome, but absolute paths on Windows are a pain because they don't start with a slash or a backslash. Explicitly watching out for these is necessary whenever you need the actual resource from the filesystem. Sad and troublesome, but what can a mere mortal do?

Oh, if this fix is okay, could someone commit it? My CVS account has been deactivated so I cannot do it myself any longer.

  Okay, I'm commiting, but I don't understand why your CVs account would
have been removed, I guess the point is that you need to use CVS over SSH
but the login is still here.

There my tongue was faster than my mind I fear. The CVS problem seems to have resolved itself in the meantime. I'll mail you in private with details, I guess it is off topic here. Sorry for the trouble and thanks for commiting.


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