Re: [xml] bug 362989

On Wed, Nov 01, 2006 at 12:12:11PM -0800, Yong Chen (yongche) wrote:

Hi Daniel,

  Hi Yong,

Thanks a lot, I do appreciate your effort, time, and kindness.

  see the bitter frenchman sometimes actually helps. Today was holliday in
France, so I managed to get some time !

Also wanted to let you know, it's not that I didn't want to spend my
time on it, you know I'm using libxml2 seriously. Actually I've been
debugging this issue for a long time, including reading libxml source
code, trimming down the xsd file for all kinds of testings. Trust me, I
did spend lots of time on it.

  Okay :-) What made it hard for me was that content for that type had
initially more than a hundred state, impossible to track the behaviour 
completely, problem was to spot the problem pattern.

As for my xsd file, I knew it had "non-deterministic" problem (that is,
name uniqueness violation), I used a Java xsd validator and it showed me
the problem. But libxml2 should show me the same error (instead, it went
into infinite loop), that's something I want to fix.

  okay, reasonnable. That bit of information could have been useful though.

Yes the xsd file is auto-generated, your comments remind me to make it
more readable (or user-friendly). I'll see if I can do something about

Again, thanks a lot. I'll fix my xsd issue. And where can I see the bug
fix and optimization code? (in the bugzilla)?

Ah, right, the fix is in CVS. I don't think it's really a loop issue, rather
that a behaviour which was exponential being reduced to something more 
acceptable. Though it seems to have fixed 5 more tests in runsuite, maybe
there was a real error underneath. A complex issue of recreating a transition
using the normal API to avoid duplicate instead of direct in-situ modification
of the transition.
I need to update the bugzilla entry, I made the mail first ... good point.


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