RE: [xml] Segmentation fault in xmlFreeDoc


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From: Chidanand Gangur [mailto:chidanand gangur gmail com] 

thanks Kasimier,

I will suerly try your suggestion. But what confused me is 
the explanation of the API.

Cleanup function for the XML library. It tries to reclaim all 
parsing related global memory allocated for the library 
processing. It doesn't deallocate any document related 
memory. Calling this function should not prevent reusing the 
library but one should call xmlCleanupParser() only when the 
process has finished using the library or XML document built with it.

I went with the last line.

Since you have a multithreaded scenario, there were probably still
some docs around in some threads while an other thread called
xmlCleanupParser() and killed some data the docs were using. The
last line applies in multithreaded scenarios to _all_ docs; so if
you free all docs before a call to xmlCleanupParser() then you
might have a chance to survive. Just call it once at the end of
your app; plus call xmlInitParser() at the beginning of your
multithreaded app:



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