RE: [xml] Use of the "&" character in the content of a Node

Thanks for your help :-), I'll try both ways (xmlNewText and escape properly all the especial characters).

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* A. Pagaltzis <pagaltzis gmx de> [2006-05-18 18:10]:
 nodePtr = xmlNewNode(NULL, "node");
 if (nodePtr)
   xmlNodeSetContent(nodePtr, "111&222");

    nodePtr = xmlNewNode(NULL, "node");
    if (nodePtr)
        xmlNodeAddContent(nodePtr, "111&222");

Err, theyâre probably both equally wrong. I *think* you want

    nodePtr = xmlNewNode(NULL, "node");
    textPtr = xmlNewText("111&222");
    if (nodePtr && textPtr)
        xmlAddChild(nodePtr, textPtr);

But I canât check right now.

In any case, the correct solution will take the string "111&222"
and automatically put the properly escaped "111&amp;222" into the
text node.

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