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Hi Kasimier,

Am Dienstag, den 09.05.2006, 22:38 +0200 schrieb Buchcik, Kasimier:

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in oder to speedup gtk-doc I made a patch to replace xslt 
by perl for
the docbook index generation [1]. Still there is some 
bias of others
towards the xslt version.
The slowness has been tracked down to some specific 
operations (its all
in bugzilla). Is there room for optimization on the libxslt 
level here?
Does or can it cache intermediate result to avoid double 



I would like to look at it; although if it's just a pure 
XPath indexing
then I'll be of little help. Can you instruct me what/where 
to download
in order to run the scenario?

Do you have gtk-doc installed? If so just build a library 
such as glib,
gtk+ or gstreamer. Use --enable-gtk-doc when doing ./configure. After
the first build its save to go directly to the 'docs' dir and run make
there. During make you'll see something like:

*** Building HTML ***
if test -d html; then rm -rf html; fi
mkdir html
cp ./gstreamer-docs.sgml html
cp -pr xml html
cp ../version.entities html
cd html && gtkdoc-mkhtml gstreamer gstreamer-docs.sgml
Computing chunks...
Writing api-index.html for index(api-index)
Writing deprecated-index.html for index(deprecated-index)
Writing index.html for book(index)
Writing index.sgml for book(index)
Writing gstreamer.devhelp for book(index)
Writing gstreamer.devhelp2 for book(index)

The index steps are those which take very long. gtkdoc-mkhtml is a
simple shell script which basically runs

 xslproc --nonet --xinclude \
      --stringparam gtkdoc.bookname $module \
      --stringparam gtkdoc.version "1.6" \
      $gtkdocdir/gtk-doc.xsl $document

(You may want to use xslt gnome org for Libxslt related issues)

So you can also re-run this manually. I am not fully sure if 
it is XPath
or xslt related.

Unfortunately I'm a linux-half-idiot, plus I'm only able to
debug Libxslt under Windows.

But, since it's just:
xslproc --nonet --xinclude \
       --stringparam gtkdoc.bookname $module \
       --stringparam gtkdoc.version "1.6" \
       $gtkdocdir/gtk-doc.xsl $document

Can you then send the "gtk-doc.xsl" and all imported/included
stylesheets (the docbook stylesheets are part of Libxslt's regression
tests, so you don't need to provide those), plus the files
for $document? In other words, a scenario without the need to
install or make a package would be appreciated.



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