[xml] xmlNewTextWriterFilename Win32 Problem

I have a strange problem with xmlNewTextWriterFilename on Win32.
I have two file name strings:
char outname[MAX_PATH]={(char)0};
static char fname[MAX_PATH]={(char)0};

outname gets passed to a function XMLWriteData(const char *file) which in turn calls xmlNewTextWriterFilename(file,0);. As long as the fname variable (which gets passed to XMLReadData via the CreateThread function) is static, xmlNewTextWriterFilename crashes and generates an access violoation in NTDLL.
As soon as I change the declarations to:
char outname[MAX_PATH]={(char)0};
/*static*/ char fname[MAX_PATH]={(char)0};

xmlNewTextWriteFilename works fine.
Any ideas?

- Coleman

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