[xml] How to use xmlC14NExecute

Dear all,

I'm a beginner of using libXML2 and C14N functions.

I have encountered the save problem to canonicalize a part of my xml like

Mr. Aleksey has mentioned the use of xmlC14NExecute, but I still couldn't
figure out what data should I assign for void * user_data actually.

Could you please give me plain instruction ?

Best regards,
Tatsuya Tsurukawa

So I built a node set, consisting of my single element node.
Should I build a node set including all sub-nodes? 

Yes. You have to add all the nodes that you want to get
canonicalized. However, in this particular case there is
a better way. The xmlC14NExecute function allows one to
provide a callback that would be called to determine if
a given node is "visible" (i.e. included in c14n output)
or not. To canonicalize just a given node (with all the
attributes and children nodes) you can write a callback
function that would return "true" for your node, its attributes,
namespaces and children nodes and "false" for all other
nodes in the document.


Tsurukawa Tatsuya cj MitsubishiElectric co jp

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