Re: [xml] Potential wrong usage of xmlIsID() in tree.c


I want to inform you that I currently put the aside the intention of
adding xmlDOMWrapSetAttr(Node) and xmlDOMWrapRemoveAttr(Node)
functionality. Looking at the code of the Delphi-wrapper, I'm having
difficulties in finding oppropriate code to be put into Libxml2,
which does what I need without adding a lot of additional stuff.

However, I still would be happy if there would be more Libxml2
code, which would be intended to be used by DOM(-like)
wrappers, in order to avoid inventing the wheel for every wrapper
out there.

I attached a snippet of the Delphi-wrapper's internal
set-attribute-ns code for anyone who's interested in the
issue; this is how I tried to solve it in Delphi. This currently
avoids any IDness semantics.



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