Re: [xml] Multi-calling entities (or whatever)

Yesterday at 11:28, Daniel Veillard wrote:

  Don't hijack threads, or fix/change your mail agent, doing a reply to
a completely unrelated mail from the list do break the few structure 
that we get from mailing list, even if you manually change the title !

Indeed, it was my omission: I remembered that I forgot to remove
message references just when it went to SMTP, so it was too late.
Sorry about that. 

  yes there is no way around that. libxml2 DTD parser don't store the
unstructured part of the internal subset, just the resulting structure.

Ok, thanks, at least I know that it's because of libxml2 :)

It might cause problems for xml2po as well since translations might 
want to use a different "my-entities.ent" (of course, I'd need to fix
xml2po to support "--keep-entities" as well, which is probably why I
didn't notice this sooner).

  Relying on parameter entities substitutions for localization doesn't 
sounds a good idea to me, very fragile and relies on the most complex
part of the XML-1.0 specification. For example a parser operating in 
non-validating mode of XML-1.0 is allowed to drop any declaration occuring
in the internal subset after a parameter entity reference, and will do
so without warning, fragile, very fragile ...

I agree, that's why gnome-doc-utils even uses "-e" (expand all
entities) parameter for xml2po in default document generation rules
(this is also necessary so localisation would be possible in all
cases).  But this is what users seem to be doing anyway :(

Thanks for clearing it all up for me!


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