Re: [xml] 2.6.26 xpath returns too many nodes?

Buchcik, Kasimier wrote:

Can you provide the XPath expression which are in use?
You write "the correct node and a handful of nodes". Do you
use expressions with positional predicates (e.g. "[1]")?
Yes. All of the expressions have a form such as:
//p:pages/p:page[ xml:id="main"]/p:*[9]/p:*[1]/p:*

(I execute an xpath, and then recurse with a deeper xpath. I know this isn't the most efficient way of running through a DOM, but I'm delivering the nodes to a language binding which doesn't understand pointers and just starts new xpaths with an ever deeper path)

If yes, then the source of the error should be one of the
optimizations, which were added in 2.6.26.
I'll look into this, but if you could post the expressions,
then this would be easier.
All expressions start with //p:pages/p:page[ xml:id="main"], followed by one or more /p:*[xxx] and finally a /p:* expression. I can put .26 back in and grab a few more failing expressions, but they all boil down to that basic form.

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