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From: Andreas Tscharner [mailto:andreas tscharner metromec ch] 

Now my problem: A.xsd, B.xsd and C.xsd are all in memory in 
different places. I am able to "load" A.xsd using
xmlSchemaNewMemParserCtxt, but 
as it does not know about B.xsd and C.xsd I got the error 
code 1845:

The error message would be even more interesting.

Sorry, my fault. I had the wrong schema file in the memory. With the
correct file xmlSchemaParse returns NULL (I suppose it's because it
cannot find the referenced (imported) schema file)...

Subsequent XML Schema documents are located using the 
@schemaLocation of an import/include in Libxml2. You could 

I have to use the Pascal bindings and I am not sure if I can realize
this. Maybe I can try to modify the "schemasImports" pointer in the
xmlSchema struct?

Have a look at the attached Delphi project. I experimented
with Libxml2's I/O layer, as I needed to customize it for XSL
transformations. The code is 1 1/2 years old, so some functions
might be obsolete/deprecated already; additionally this is based on
the old Pascal bindings; but it should suffice as an example of how
to use xmlRegisterInputCallbacks().




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