Re: [xml] HTML Parser problems with chunk parser if HTML keywordsoverlap chunk border

I suppose I found the reason why chunked CDATA parsing also fails
without the special recovery mode:

If the chunk actually ends with "</", then htmlParseTryOrFinish() calls
htmlParseScript() to process it. In there, the normal break condition is
coded as follows:

if ((cur == '<') && (NXT(1) == '/')) {
    if (((NXT(2) >= 'A') && (NXT(2) <= 'Z')) ||
        ((NXT(2) >= 'a') && (NXT(2) <= 'z')))
        break; /* while */

However, NXT(2) is not guaranteed to be available. So it will not break
but consume the "</", which leads to a broken CDATA parsing in all
cases, even without PARSE_HTML_RECOVER being set. This could be solved
by avoiding calling htmlParseScript() with a chunk ending with "</". 

The case with the CDATA recovery option is even more complicated.

I wonder what you think if we would check in htmlParseTryOrFinish() that
the last 8 characters of the chunk do not include "</" before calling
htmlParseScript() in order to solve both cases? Assuming we are in a
CDATA block being followed by at least one real end tag and other tags
afterwards this should be safe, shouldn't it?


PS: Please let me know if such detailed source code discussions are not
supposed to be done on the list

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