Re: [xml] Crashes trying XPath stuff with Python bindings

On 09.06.06 20:05:46, Buchcik, Kasimier wrote:

Have you already looked at lxml?

Yes, and I'm already using it. The reason why I'm also looking at
libxml2's "native" python bindings is for a xpath-evaluation program I
wrote. It displays the xml tree (elements, text and attribute nodes) and
highlights the result of xpath expressions. It currently has
implementations for PyXml and lxml, but lxml doesn't allow highlighting
of attribute and text nodes, due to the way it returns the result for
these (value and text, no node-object).

The reason for the different implementations is just that I found pyxml
to be much slower at parsing and now want to see what other speed
differences there are.

But thanks for the hint.

It was all so different before everything changed.

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