Re: [xml] Crashes trying XPath stuff with Python bindings

On 09.06.06 18:55:29, Gary Coady wrote:
Andreas Pakulat wrote:
I'm not sure I'm doing the right thing here, thus I'm not (yet) filing a
bugreport. I want to use the python bindings for libxml2 and thus
installed libxml2 (2.6.26) and libxslt (1.1.17). Now doing my first
steps results in crashes of the python interpreter:

import libxml2

I'll have to let somebody else comment on whether that *should* work
(there's no dictionary, so I guess the code should create one?), and I'm
not sure if that method is supposed to be used by external users.

But you should be able to get past the problem with

import libxml2
doc = libxml2.parseFile('/home/andreas/temp/file1.xml')
xpath = doc.xpathNewContext()
result = xpath.xpathEvalExpression('//body')

aah, so the document has a proper function... 

The problem is that there's not real documentation on the python
bindings and the C-API is quite different for these things as it uses
only functions. For example the tutorial code for the above is

xmlXPathContextPtr context;
xmlXPathObjectPtr result;

context = xmlXPathNewContext(doc);
result = xmlXPathEvalExpression(xpath, context)

so I looked for xpathcontext or something similar in libxml2 first and
not on the document first...

Maybe I should let python create some html docs from the docstrings...


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