[xml] Running tests on Windows

Libxml experts everywhere,

I could successfully build and install libxml 2.6.22, although I know
2.6.23 is the latest one.

Question regarding running tests on Windows, its Windows 2003 Server.
After building the component test suite executables are created in
src/win32/bin.msvc/ , which are runsuite.exe and runtest.exe. I executed
the scripts after copying the exe's to the base directory src/ as the
scripts look for tests in tests/ relative to src/. 

Of all tests the URL passing test is failing:
"failed the URL passing test for /path/to/a b.html## Schemas regression
tests" , I just wanted to know if this is known to fail.

Also on Linux variants there are many tests that run, do Windows have
those many? or runtest.exe and runsuite.exe are the one's.

Thanks for the help.


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