[xml] problem with gzip decoding in nanohttp

I'm using nanohttp for simple http requests and I've noticed that there're several bugs in the code concerning the use of zlib. It seems that the only function that supports inflating gzip is xmlNanoHTTPRead but the problem is that it's *not the only function that reads bytes from the network*.
Also, when libxml2 is compiled with zlib support it'll send the gzip headers by default, there's no way to control it which means that I can't really avoid this bug unless I change my code to use xmlNanoHTTPRead instead of my current method (xmlNanoHTTPFetch).
I also wanted to ask why there're so many different functions to do the same thing (such as reading from the network). Wouldn't it be better to use one generic function for each step which'll make it easier to control such bugs in the future?
Thank you

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