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On Wed, 2006-01-04 at 18:23 -0800, Banginwar, Rajesh wrote:
Thanks Kasimier. 

We updated specs on the lsb website to cover your comments. All those
types are now removed from the spec. We will really appreciate if you
can provide any other information; a list of what should be removed or
as you said, a list of what should be exposed. If you provide a list of
what should be exposed, we will cross check the specs.

First, sorry for the late response; I hope the changes I'll propose can still
be discussed/applied.
Second, thank you - and all others involved - for the effort of
creating the LSB spec for Libxml2!

I would like to export only the following functions in
"xmlschemastypes.h" of _LSB_:

Initialization/finalization of the module:

Acquire built-in types:

Validation against built-in types:

Value comparison:


All the other functions are either considered deprecated or only needed
to have a way of accessing inner functionality of the WXS data-type
module from withit the WXS structures (xmlschemas.c) module. The removal
of all other functions will make it easier to refactor the internals of
both WXS modules in the future.

Are there any objections to shrink the function entry points of that
module to those above?

No changes to the type-definitions of that module as they are currently
displayed at: ; i.e.
I'm fine with them.



Thanks again,


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On Mon, 2006-01-02 at 15:53 -0800, Banginwar, Rajesh wrote:
  Please find the LSB specification for libxml2 library at

The plan is to have a separate module for XML. For the time being,
libxml2 library will part of LSB desktop specification. In LSB 4.0
timeframe (early 2007), it will become part of both Server and
certification programs.

Please review the specification, and send feedback. Feedback can be
here on this mailing list or on lsb-desktop mailing or preferably at

Two issues:

In libxml2/libxml/xmlschemas.h:
1) xmlSchemaValidError: This enumeration is obsolete.
   It's used only in the struct _xmlSchemaParserCtxt and I'll
   remove that dependancy today.
   Would be good to remove this enumaration from the LSB.

In libxml2/libxml/xmlschemastypes.h:
2) struct _xmlSchemaType, struct _xmlSchemaAttribute,
 struct _xmlSchemaFacet, struct _xmlSchemaAttributeLink,
 struct _xmlSchemaWildcardNs, struct _xmlSchemaWildcard,
 struct _xmlSchemaTypeLink, struct _xmlSchemaFacetLink:
 Is it necessary for the LSB to expose those structs?
 Some of those structs originate from schemasInternals.h and
 are about to be changed someday.
 I would prefer those structs not be exposed when possible.

Actually there is even more stuff in
libxml2/libxml/xmlschemastypes.h which was taken from
schemasInternals.h. Most of those functions and enumerations
were exposed to allow interoperability with other Libxml2-modules,
but not intended for public use (that's why it's called
schemasInternals). I would be glad if we could find a way of
removing those.

I can provide a list of what should be exposed if you want.



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