Re: [xml] sgi regression failure

I quickly ran this with valgrind, before and after the change, and I see
no difference in valgrind's output. (not a valgrind expert)


On Fri, 2006-02-24 at 15:16 -0500, Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 01:05:33PM -0700, Martin Cole wrote:

So this is broken on machines without the file /etc/xml/catalog

The new catalog is added fine in the default catalog, its child gets set
correctly, but the catalog->type gets set to XML_CATA_BROKEN_CATALOG
because the default catalog file doesnt exist.

  ohh, right !

So if I add:

    if (doregister) {
        catal->type = XML_CATA_CATALOG; //<<<--- newly added line
        cur = xmlHashLookup(xmlCatalogXMLFiles, catal->URL);
    if (cur != NULL)
        cur->children = catal->children;

at line: 1549 of catalog.c it works.

I just don't know if this is too heavy handed, or if there is some other
way to set the default catalog. Any thoughts?

  I think that's fine. Could you just check with a memory debug tool that
we don't leak memory as a result of changing this ? This seems fine in my tests
but an extra check would be good.
  I applied it in my tree, I will commit soonish,

   thanks a lot !


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