Re: [xml] Potential wrong usage of xmlIsID() in tree.c

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 08:56:49AM -0500, Rob Richards wrote:
Thanks for the explanations though. Does this mean then that in the 
unlink and replace functions it should never remove idness for any 
attribute or should only remove it from non xml:id ones?

  xml:id covers only this attribute, nothing else. So don't expand
this to normal ones. 
  I'm still not sure how unlink on an attribute should work in the
general case, if you take an Infoset viewpoint there is no reason to
remove it, if you take a DTD viewpoint IDness is dependant on the carrying
element. Grey area... I would still tend to favor the Infoset one
myself, but I may be biased.


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat
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