[xml] RelaxNG validation problem


I've got a problem with RelaxNG validation. 

I want to describe fixed or relative dates in XML, 
like "2006/02/23 12:00:00", or "yesterday at 12:00:00" or 
"there is 1 month and 2 weeks, the monday at midnight".

I wrote a RNG schema (joined to this mail with a lot of comments and
miscellaneous xml files that should be validated by this schema) to
describe these dates.

See the schema comments for more details on this XML description.

But, libxml2 fails to validate XML files using this schema.

In fact totally relative dates seems to be validated without problems
(rel-1.xml sample file). But when a component is "fixed" (fixed-1.xml
and rel-2.xml) the following errors appears. 

fixed-1.xml :

   Unimplemented block at relaxng.c:10369
   Error /tmp/fixed-1.xml line 3: Element Date has extra content: year

rel-2.xml :

   Error /tmp/rel-2.xml line 3: Element Date has extra content: day

Is my schema description too ambiguous ? Jing seems to validate these
files without any problem.

Any Idea ?


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