Re: [xml] XML Catalog problem

Chris Wareham wrote:

Before running my program, I disconnected my development machine from
the network as it has a version of libxml2 installed that includes HTTP
and FTP support. The NewsML file was validated, so my program must be
using the local DTD's referenced in the catalog.

On my live server, libxml2 was compiled with "--disable-http
--disable-ftp" as arguments to the configure script. I am wondering if
this changes the behaviour of the catalog support, as running my program
on the server still produces the following:

Resolve: sysID
Failed to parse catalog file:///etc/xml/catalog
Resolve URI
AMS20060211T133154-A11729311139664491A.xml:3: I/O error : failed to load external entity "";
Resolve: pubID sysID
Resolve URI
AMS20060211T133154-A11729311139664491A.xml:4: I/O error : failed to load external entity "";
AMS20060211T133154-A11729311139664491A.xml:5: validity error : Validation failed: no DTD found !

No reference to my catalog file, even though the XML_CATALOG_FILES
environment variable is set to point to it.

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