Re: [xml] Intel Mac supported?

Steve Ball wrote:

I haven't yet built the frameworks as Universal Binaries, but I'm not anticipating any difficulty there. I've seen plenty of discussion and doco on how to do this. Since I do not have an Intel Mac, there hasn't been any motivation to change the build process (btw, donations to the "buy Steve a Mac Book Pro so he'll build Universal Binaries" fund will be gratefully accepted ;-)

The next release of libxml2/libxslt seems like a good time to add this capability to the build process.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the reply. I ordered my Intel iMac on Friday and it should arrive in a couple of weeks. I use a G5 machine at the office, and the new machine is so that I can do development work at home, so I'm going to need to tackle this pretty soon in order to have the libraries available. (I build static libs from source using make.) I don't suspect that there will be any issues other than defining the right macros for the compiler. Of course, that means understanding configure well enough to modify it. Hmmm, have you considered adding static library targets to your Xcode projects? :-)

- Rush

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