[xml] parsing iso-8859-7 documents

I am using libxml2 v2.6.23 on Windows platform. Trying to parse a document with iso-8859-7 (Greek) encoding I got gibberish text on my application. If I have understood correctly libxml2 maintains everything in utf8 internally, so when I read my document in iso-8859-7 encoding, it is translated to utf8 when by xmlReadMemory() function that creates a doc in that format. Thus when trying to retrieve my text I get unreadable characters.

How can I translate from iso-8859-7 to utf8 and backwards so that I can give to libxml2 utf8 buffers and translate them back when retrieving them. I look at the encoding.h and found xmlFindCharEncodingHandler() that it should return me an xmlCharEncodingHandlerPtr with two function pointer for encoding/decoding to/from utf8 but the handler it returned for iso-8859-7 contained two null function pointers. What are the fields in of iconv_t type and how can I use them to get a proper translation?

Thank you.

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