Re: [xml] How to create a UTF-8 XML document (in-memory)

On Tue, Dec 19, 2006 at 09:01:24AM +0100, Andreas Tscharner wrote:
xmlDocDumpMemory(xmlProg, &xmlStr, &xmlStrLen, "UTF-8");

My problem: I have node values containing umlauts (for example: "Früchte"). Although I specify "UTF-8" as 
encoding and altough I use xmlEncodeSpecialChars(xmlProg, "Früchte"), at the time I use it, the encoding is 
not yet specified and if I write the buffer to a file, the BOM is written, but the actual encoding is 
cp1252 (I'm woring on windows). And if I try to read the document again, libxml2 complains that the 
document is not UTF-8, which is correct (the "ü" in "Früchte" has a value with bit 8 set)

When you build the tree you *must* pass UTF-8 strings each time there
is an xmlChar * argument. libxml2 will not try to guess what you passed to
it, nor will it try to do on the fly checking or conversion.
If you pass an cp1252 encoded string when an xmlChar * argument is required
you break the API and this may lead to this kind of problems. You must
convert the strings passed though the tree building APIs yourself.


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