[xml] How to create a UTF-8 XML document (in-memory)

Hello World, hello Daniel,

I'm creating a XML document using

xmlProg = xmlNewDoc("1.0");

Then I add nodes and subnodes, finally I'll dump the complete document to a buffer:

xmlDocDumpMemory(xmlProg, &xmlStr, &xmlStrLen, "UTF-8");

My problem: I have node values containing umlauts (for example: "Früchte"). Although I specify "UTF-8" as 
encoding and altough I use xmlEncodeSpecialChars(xmlProg, "Früchte"), at the time I use it, the encoding is 
not yet specified and if I write the buffer to a file, the BOM is written, but the actual encoding is cp1252 
(I'm woring on windows). And if I try to read the document again, libxml2 complains that the document is not 
UTF-8, which is correct (the "ü" in "Früchte" has a value with bit 8 set)

I know that the internal encoding is UTF-8, but how do I tell that my XML document and how do I have to 
convert the characters/strings to make it correct?

Used library: libxml2 2.6.27

Best Regards
Andreas Tscharner                      andreas tscharner metromec ch
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