Re: [xml] xmlSaveToFd problem

On Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 10:01:34AM -0700, Torbert, Barton wrote:

First of all I don't see how to use the xmlSave.h file within my code.

  there is no xmlSave.h, but xmlsave.h

When I include it I get a compiler error that the structure _xmlSaveCtxt
is not defined.

  Either your compiler is buggy or you tried to dereference a pointer to the
structure. You can't.

I find the definition of this in the xmlSave.c file.
This file includes the xmlSave.h file, but before the declaration of
_xmlSaveCtxt.  So how does anything compile.

  Any normal C compiler can use pointer to undefined structs

Also I don't understand the workflow here, assuming I can get the

  ctxt = xmlSaveToFd(...)
  xmlSaveDoc(ctxt, doc);

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