[xml] xmlSaveToFd problem



I am very confused on now to use the part of the LIBXML library that involves the functions, xmlSaveToFd and xmlSaveDoc.


First of all I don’t see how to use the xmlSave.h file within my code.  When I include it I get a compiler error that the structure _xmlSaveCtxt is not defined.  I find the definition of this in the xmlSave.c file.  This file includes the xmlSave.h file, but before the declaration of _xmlSaveCtxt.  So how does anything compile.


Also I don’t understand the workflow here, assuming I can get the compile issues resolved.  It seems that you call xmlSaveToFd first to setup your save context, then you call xmlSaveDoc or xmlSaveTree to actually save your XML to a file.  Am I right here or am I lost in the weeds?



Bart torbert ihsenergy com

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