[xml] Memory Leaks in parse3.c example

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While working with parser3.c example (http://xmlsoft.org/examples/parse3.c) on Solaris 8 Rational Purify identifies several areas as having leaked memory.

Modifying parse3.c to

   example3Func(document, 6);

and closely monitoring the process using 'top' clearly shows the process eating memory.

Any feedback on identified problem areas would be very helpful.


------ SNIPPETS FROM RATIONAL PURIFY ----------------

              main           [parse3.c:47]
* between the version it was compiled for and the actual shared
                      * library used.
              =>     LIBXML_TEST_VERSION
example3Func(document, 6);

              example3Func   [parse3.c:33]
* The document being in memory, it have no base per RFC 2396, * and the "noname.xml" argument will serve as its base.
=> doc = xmlReadMemory(content, length, "noname.xml", NULL, 0);
                     if (doc == NULL) {
                         fprintf(stderr, "Failed to parse document\n");
              main           [parse3.c:54]
                      * Cleanup function for the XML library.
              =>     xmlCleanupParser();
                      * this is to debug memory for regression tests

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