[xml] Changes which might be required "Not converting names to lower-case in HTML parsing"

I am working off release 2.6.22, and I am proposing the
following changes to the code.
- A new function xmlStrcaseEqual() might be required in
  xmlstring.c, which can check if the current character
  being parsed is between 'A' and 'Z', and if so compares
  using casemap array as is done in xmlStrcasecmp().
- In htmlParseName(), the condition which checks if the
  current character is upper-case, and which transforms
  it needs to be removed. Name can be stored as it is.
- In other parts of the code (only in HTMLparser.c), the
  comparsions using xmlStrEqual() for names, need to be
  replaced by xmlStrcaseEqual().
I am assuming that pretty much all HTML related functionality
is contained within HTMLparser.c, and the core xml functions
need not change to accomodate this enhancement.

Any comments/ideas/suggestions are highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

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