[xml] xmlCharEncoding problem

Hi all,

I have a problem using the encoding handler on Fedora Linux. My application runs pretty well on Debian, Gentoo and SuSE but fails on Fedora.

I run these steps:

encoder = xmlParseCharEncoding('iso-8859-1');
                        (this returns 10 for iso-8859-1)
encodingHandler = xmlGetCharEncodingHandler(encoder);
encodingHandler -> input(...)

and the input() procedure always returns 0, whatever I try to encode. I am also catching all return codes along the way but all seems to be ok. :-/

I can not find anything wrong with the code since it behaves well on other systems. Unfortunately I don't get any error message along the way, so I am kinda out of ideas what might be wrong.

Can somebody give me a little hint where to look for the problem?

Any ideas are highly welcome!



1024D/40F14012 18F3 736A 4080 303C E61E  2E72 7E05 1F6E 40F1 4012

Version: 3.12
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