[xml] XML/HTML Mixed mode parsing

Today's web page designs, include both xml and html content,
most popularly xml content embedded in to html pages.

My questions are -
1. In order to handle both html and xml, it is better to use
the xml...() API's rather than the html...() API's.
Is this correct?
2. Handling errors encountered while parsing the content.
I think (or assuming) that html errors are to be ignored,
and hence most browsers do not complain about a page even
if it has errors. (This can be turned on though, but the
page display does not stop if there was an error).
However, in XML, errors are flagged more strictly to the
user, and normally results in stopping the parsing process.
For e.g.: Opening and Ending Tag mismatch.
I was wondering if there was any compile time flag or
modifications, to turn off this behaviour.

Best Regards,

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