Re: [xml] xmlSchemaParse function


On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 02:16 +0200, Luka Por wrote:

Library is great, but from version 2-2.6.20 to version 2-2.6.22 i 
discover same difference.

I using xmlSchemeParse(...) to validate document.
In version 2-2.6.20 xmlSchemaParse spends 4 seconds,  but now in version 
2-2.6.22 it spends 16 second (same in version 2-2.6.21).

Please provide a reduced example case.
Without a test case we have no chance to see what part of the code is
responsible for your slowdown.

Just a careful assumption:
We changed a lot in the schema construction and aquisition area
between 2.6.20 and 2.6.22 due to requirements of <redefine>s. So it
might happen, that the additional overhead, needed for redefinitions,
is slowing down your validation.

I have another question.
Same documents have validation sheme(xsd). This validation sheme imports 
another sheme, but url include unsafe char (space). The validation 
failed because not valid uri type. Is any help here.

I just can say that the "schemaLocation" attribute value of an <import>
is of type xs:anyURI.
Please provide a test case, plus the error result; otherwise we are not
able to analyse your problem due to lack of information.



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