[xml] libXML2

I am using libXML2 (2.6.x) and have a few questions:

- LIBXML_TEST_VERSION: can this exit the application or does it simply print a warning?

- xmlCleanupParser(); may this be called only once from within an application or can it be called within threads as well? No, let me rephrase: is this thread-safe?

- I try to assign a string like:
mdolinktarget = (char *)xmlNodeListGetString(doc, tmp_node->xmlChildrenNode, 1); and pass it as a reference to main but when I print it the string is empty, I have to instead do: strcpy(mdolinktarget,(char *)xmlNodeListGetString(doc, tmp_node->xmlChildrenNode, 1));
to make it work. Do you know why?
The problem is the first way we have now way knowing how long these buffers need to be;


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