[xml] License question


I have a question regarding the license for libxml2 and the licenses
for other libs it links to. I'd like to use libxml2 in a commercial
application, and if I understand the license correctly I can
distribute a binary version of libxml2 with my app so long as I
include a copy of the MIT license with my (closed source) application.

Where i'm a little less sure is with iconv... If I build libxml with
iconv, how does the GPL (the iconv license) affect my usage of
libxml2? Because I link to libxml2 (which in turn links to iconv) is
my app then subjected to the GPL? Do I then have to meet this portion
of hte GPL:

"If you link a program with the library, you must provide
complete object files to the recipients so that they can relink them
with the library, after making changes to the library and recompiling

with my own app (ie distribute object files to my commercial app) or
does that just mean that I need to also make the source for libxml2

I know this is somewhat of a GPL/iconv question, but it relates
directly to my usage of libxml.. I figure others would have come
across this issue before.I did a search through the mailing list
archive but couldn't see anything similar.

Any help/advice appreciated.


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