Re: [xml] Where can I get the declaration of a non global element in xmlSchema (using libxml2-2.6.22) ?


On 9/14/05, Kasimier Buchcik <K Buchcik 4commerce de> wrote:

On Wed, 2005-09-14 at 16:54 +0200, Kasimier Buchcik wrote:
> Hi,


> But please avoid using direct access to the structure members of the
> schema components. Some of the fields of those structures are obsolete
> for historical reasons; plus some of the component structures are not
> even public: model group definitions, model-groups, particles,
> all of identity-constraints - all not public.

Well, I know that, but I wanted to get element declaration , default values,  potential  children, attributes for an  element, and the only way to do that quickly was to do dirty things like copy private structures in  my code. I totally understand that private structures or private function are "highly subject to change" especially in the Schema part which is still a work in progress.  I knew it was a bit risky and the recent changes you made in xmlschema don't allow me to get those informations anymore, using that awful method : the only way to get them seems to use the psvi...

> Hmm, let's try a deal: if I would expose the above mentioned PSVI,
> would you be willing to provide accessor functions for the
> information of the components? You could start with those you
> currently need, i.e. for element declarations. OK for the deal, I can try to do that, starting with element declarations, then maybe IDC definitions. But I must confess that I have absolutly no idea of the difficulty of this task.

I added some comments for the fields of the structs, so you
have a better overview of what is obsolete. For xmlSchemaType and
xmlSchemaElement I'm not 100% sure, since some of the fields might
be still used by the RelaxNG module.

See include/libxml/schemasInternals.h, revision 1.36.

OK, thanks for those new comments.





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